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Kuuma Marine Grill Parts

Kuuma Marine Grill Parts

Kuuma Marine Grill Parts 

Kuuma marine grill parts from are made from heavy-duty, durable materials and feature innovative designs to ensure your boat grill stands the test of time.  

Replacement valve kits are compatible with Kuuma 160 Series Grills and feature a quick-connect mechanism for ease of installation. We also carry pedestal grill mounts, which allow you to place your Kuuma grill on just about any flat surface. These mounts measure 30 inches in height and offer a robust 200-pound load capacity, while also being compatible with all Kuuma grills.  

Customers can also shop for other Kuuma components, such as: 

  • Single axis rail mounts 
  • Gas regulators 
  • Premium tie-down strap kits 
  • Bag coolers 
  • Pivoting rod holder grill mounts 
  • And more 

How to Identify Which Kuuma Grill I Have? 

Properly identifying the type and model of grill is crucial when shopping for Kuuma grill parts. In this case, the owner’s manual that came with the device is the first place to look. The owner’s manual should list a model or SKU (stock keeping unit) number, which you can use when shopping for Kuuma grill mounts and other items.  

If you can’t find the information in the owner’s manual or don’t have access to the document, take a look at the grill itself. A model number should be stamped somewhere on the device, although the location can vary according to the type of grill you have. If you can’t track down the model number, take note of the model name. The name of the model will also be helpful when seeking out new components.  

When Should I Replace Kuuma Grill Parts? 

Kuuma grills are designed with dependability in mind. With the right maintenance, your marine grill will likely stand the test of time. However, parts replacement is often unavoidable, and being proactive about important maintenance can increase the lifespan of the grill even further.  

There’s no hard and fast rule that stipulates when you should replace components. The frequency of part replacements can depend on several factors, including: 

  • How often you use the grill
  • Your cleaning routine and frequency
  • Whether you cover the grill when not in use
  • The elements the grill is regularly exposed to (such as sunlight, moisture, saltwater, etc.) 

In general, wear and tear on grill components usually indicates that a replacement is in order. The same goes for any corrosion that develops. Lots of Kuuma Grill parts are made from stainless steel, which is rust-resistant. However, the exterior coating of stainless steel naturally wears down over time, which can leave the underlying metal vulnerable.  

How to Reset the Regulator For a Kuuma Grill? 

When it comes to boat grill parts, gas regulators are among the most important. These components control how much gas is being provided to the device, and serious safety issues can result if too much gas is provided to the grill. On the other hand, too little gas can impede the cooking process. 

All gas grills require a specific ignition sequence, and failure to follow these steps can result in a safety feature being triggered in the regulator. With most devices, you must turn on the gas tank first, then the burners, and then you can ignite the grill. For your grill’s specific ignition sequence, consult product documentation for instructions.  

It may be necessary to reset the regulator to improve function if one of the following issues arise: 

  • The burner won’t ignite 
  • The burner fails to achieve the proper temperature 
  • The flame is too low or weak 

It’s worth noting that the regulator reset process may vary according to the type of Kuuma grill you have. However, there are some general steps to keep in mind when performing maintenance: 

  • Be sure to shut off the gas tank attached to the grill 
  • Disconnect the gas tank 
  • Turn grill burners to the highest setting 
  • After about two minutes, turn off the burners 
  • Reconnect the gas tank to the grill 
  • Turn on the gas tank 
  • Ignite the gas grill 

In the event the reset doesn’t restore function, it may be time to start shopping for new partsyou’re your marine grill.  

Find Quality Parts and Accessories for Your Boat offers essential parts and components to keep your marine grill in great condition. We also feature a range of Kuuma grill covers and accessories, including cooking implements, grease trays, and more. Contact us today for more information, we look forward to speaking with you!