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Avator Electric Outboards

Avator Electric Outboards

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Mercury Avator Electric Outboards

Since 1939, Mercury Marine has been a leading manufacturer in boat parts and engines. Now Mercury has ventured into the realm of electric boat engines, with the stunningly innovative Mercury Avator motor.

Designed for small watercraft with transom-mount outboards, the new Mercury electric outboard engine promises to be nothing short of revolutionary. By using advanced lithium-ion batteries designed specifically for marine uses, the Avator is quieter, smoother to operate, and doesn’t produce exhaust fumes, making for one of the most comfortable boating experiences you can have with an outboard motor.

Being purely electric also means that the Avator is far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than its gas-powered competitors. With the Avator, you can have a quiet, relaxing boating experience that helps preserve the beautiful outdoors you enjoy it in.

How fast does the Mercury Avator go?

The top speed provided by the Mercury Avator motor will depend on several other factors, such as the hull, weather conditions, and more.

In general, the new Mercury electric outboard motor will deliver performance similar to Mercury’s 3.5hp FourStroke outboard. This translates to between 5 to 10 miles per hour when mounted to the appropriate type of small boat.

Avator tiller outboard motors are meant to work with small watercraft such as micro skiffs, tenders, aluminum tillers, and more that weigh between 350 and 400 pounds.


How far can the Mercury Avator go?

At full charge, a single charged battery on the Avator electric remote control outboard motor lets it run for 60 minutes (or around 5 miles of traveled distance) at constant full throttle.

If the engine is run at lower throttle, the battery can last up to 19 hours (or roughly 34 miles of traveled distance).

One of the greatest advantages of the new Mercury electric outboard motor is that new batteries can easily be swapped in and out as they run out of charge, which means more range and more time out on the water for you.

Best of all, the batteries for the Mercury Avator motor can be charged off of any standard household outlet, making it easier than ever to have your boat ready.

A digital readout on the motor displays the current range estimate and battery charge meter, so you’ll always know the effective range of your boat with an Avator.

How much horsepower does a Mercury Marine Avator have?

With its advanced transverse flux electric motor, the Avator generates 750 watts of energy at the prop, which is roughly equivalent to one horsepower. However, because the transverse flux motor of the Mercury electric outboard can generate instant torque even at lower RPMs, it is more efficient and delivers better performance.

This performance comes in a package that is quieter, weighs less, doesn’t create fumes, and can be easily transported by hand.

Mercury Avator Electric Outboards

At, we carry the full range of Avator rigging and controls, Avator accessories, and more. As more versions of Avator become available, we’ll be sure to feature them here as well.

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