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Heat Guns

Heat Guns

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Heat Guns 

Buy top-quality propane-fired heat gun tool kits from that are lightweight and ensure fast and efficient shrink-wrapping for off-season boat storage. Safe and easy to use for DIY-ers and professional mechanics alike. Kits may include regulator, hose, carry case, gloves, safety glasses, and more. Extensions also available. 

What Kind of Heat Gun Do You Use for Shrink Wrap? 

A boat shrink wrap heat gun helps you create a reliable protective layer around your vessel when it’s being stored for an extended period. They can be powered by electricity or gas, such as propane. Different guns can also offer unique features, including: 

  • BTU Range – Propane-powered heat guns come in several BTU ranges, some of which can be as high as 200,000 BTUs.  
  • Extensions – Larger boats can be challenging to winterize without the use of ladders. Fortunately, some heat guns come with extensions that allow you to access hard-to-reach areas safely. You can also buy extensions separately.  
  • Safety Features – Many heat guns come with an automatic shut-off that engages once the trigger is released. Other safety features include things like heat shields to protect against accidental burns. Safety features are key to minimize risk while applying shrink wrap to a boat.  

Along with heat guns, carries a wide selection of other winter preparation supplies for a streamlined off-season storage process. 

How Do You Heat Shrink Wrap a Boat? 

Whether you use a propane or electric heat gun for boat shrink wrap, there are certain steps to follow to ensure the best outcome: 

  • Take measurements of the boat to make certain the sheet of shrink wrap is the right size. 
  • Apply padding to sharp areas of the boat to prevent them from puncturing the wrap. 
  • Extend the shrink wrap over the length of the boat, then cut to size. 
  • Use the heat gun to shrink the wrap to fit the exact dimensions of the boat.  

By gathering your essential marine shrink wrap supplies before getting started, you’ll have everything you need right in reach.  

What Temperature Should a Heat Gun Be for Heat Shrink? 

Temperature range typically varies according to the quality of the heat gun model, as some are capable of reaching extremely high temperatures.  

For instance, high-end models can reach temps of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, while others may top out at 730 degrees. Keep in mind that shrink wrap responds to a minimum of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the higher the temperature of the heat gun, the more efficient the winterization process will be.  

Shop Shrink Wrap Equipment for Boats at has everything you need to safeguard your watercraft during the off-season, from shrink wrap rolls for winter prep to heat guns to heat shrink wrap tape. Check out our selection today to see the difference that quality boating supplies and accessories can make.