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Mercury Portable Remote Motors (2.5-25HP)

Mercury Portable Remote Motors (2.5-25HP)

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Mercury Portable Remote Motors (2.5-25 HP)

An outboard motor with remote steering is the ideal way to power a small boat, especially if that motor is from Mercury Marine. Since 1939, Mercury Marine has been developing some of the best boat engines on the market, and their remote outboard motors are no different.

The difference between tiller and remote outboard motors

Mechanically, tiller and remote outboard motors function the same: they are both classes of small outboard motors, meaning they are mounted at the stern of the boat, outside of the hull. Where they differ is in their method of control: tiller motors have a control stick, or tiller, that allows the helmsman to manipulate what direction the engine and propeller are facing in the water, and thus steer it.

Remote outboard motors, on the other hand, have a remote control system that connects the helmsman’s steering console to the engine. The advantage of a Mercury remote outboard motor is that it is more comfortable to pilot. With a Mercury remote outboard motor, the pilot does not need to have their hand on the tiller at all times, allowing them to sit more comfortably in the boat. Additionally, not needing to sit right next to the engine allows the pilot to sit closer to the center of the boat, making it more balanced.

Can you convert a tiller steering to remote steering?

A question that arises for some boat owners and mechanics is if they can convert their tiller motor into an outboard motor with remote steering instead. The answer is yes, although it will require the correct equipment. You will need to measure the distance from the proposed steering wheel’s location to the side of the boat and the transom, and add several inches to determine how much steering cable you will need. From there, you will have to drill, cut, and thread the cabling from the steering wheel to the engine to connect the two.

How to start a Mercury outboard remote motor?

The most recent Mercury Marine outboard remote motors can be started by simply tilting the motor down into the water and turning the key. Older models, such as carbureted two-stroke motors, are not quite so simple. For those types of remote outboard motors, you will need to first tilt the engine so that fuel can reach the carburetor, then squeeze the fuel pump’s primer bulb until it is firm. Then, while the engine is in neutral, you need to advance the throttle up to ⅔, followed by turning the key and pushing to choke and crank at the same time. Once that’s done, you can release the choke and return to neutral.

How to break in a new Mercury remote outboard motor?

Whenever you get a new outboard motor with remote steering, it’s critical that you properly break it in. The best way to break in new Mercury Marine outboard remote motors is by following the instructions in the owner’s manual. This typically involves letting the motor warm up and reach its normal running temperature, then spending the first two hours varying the motor's RPMs (between 0 and 4500 RPMs). Every ten minutes, you can run the motor wide-open so that it runs at a wide range of conditions. After those two hours, you can run the motor as you normally would, but never at full throttle for more than five minutes for the next ten hours.

At NuWave Marine, we have nearly four decades of experience helping DIYers and professional boat mechanics find the best in Mercury outboard motors and parts. Along with remote outboard motors, we offer a range of Mercury outboard tiller motors and outboard motors over 30 horsepower if you need something with a little more oomph. Our expert staff is always eager to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!