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Yamaha Oil Change Kits

Yamaha Oil Change Kits

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Oil Change Kits

Stay on top of routine maintenance for your boat’s engine with premium Yamaha oil change kits from NuWave Marine. Changing oil is a quick and easy process, rarely lasting more than 25 minutes. To keep your engine running smoothly, make sure you have everything you need beforehand by using our Quicksilver/Mercury oil change kits for your 4-stroke outboard engine.

Yamaha Outboard Oil Change Kit

This Yamaha outboard oil change kit has every component necessary for performing an oil change. Along with 3L Quicksilver or Mercury outboard oil, you will also get an oil filter, drain plug gasket, and funnel. These kits make the entire oil change process quick and efficient.


The outboard engine needs high-quality marine oil that can protect against friction and adapt well to different temperature ranges. Whether you are a new boater or a veteran marine mechanic, the viscosity (or oil grade) is essential to consider when choosing the right marine oil for your engine. Outboard marine engines need marine oils that can handle operating on low and high engine temperatures. For example, the Yamaha F150 oil change kit has a 10W30 viscosity that will still perform well in sub-zero temperatures because the low viscosity outboard oil will move quickly around the engine. And because it’s thin, a 10W30 oil is cost- and fuel-efficient as pushing the engine requires less energy from your oil pump.


Changing oil in a Yamaha 4-stroke outboard marine engine

Changing the oil in a marine engine, whether outboard or inboard, is a meticulous process that should be done every 100 hours of use or once per year. New boaters may not understand why a boat would have more oil change intervals than a car. Unlike a car that is frequently used for short and long distances, boats usually sit idle for a long time in damp, salty environments. And when used, the boat engines are put on high speed while operating under constant load. As a result, your marine engine may need a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard oil change kit F75 F115 hp purposely made for a 4-stroke outboard engine.

All-in-one Yamaha marine oil change kits

NuWave Marine has worked with boaters and mechanics for over 40 years, providing top-quality OEM and aftermarket parts for engine replacement and upgrade needs. Trust our premium Yamaha marine oil kits to help keep your engine in top shape this season.