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Winterize Kits

Winterize Kits

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Boat Winterization Kits 

Here at, you’ll find top-quality boat winterization kits containing essential items like marine shrink wrap supplies, fuel additives, antifreeze, and much more. These products protect boats from extreme winter weather, including snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.  

We only stock products from the most respected manufacturers in the business, and we’re always happy to provide guidance if you’re not sure which products are best for your watercraft.  

What's Included in a Boat Winterization Kit? 

We make the boat winterization process easy by including a selection of important supplies and equipment within one handy kit.  

When it comes to protecting the exterior of a watercraft, tarps and shrink wrap ward off damage from the elements. Cleaners and solvents for winterization ensure a spotless exterior before boats are placed in storage for the season.  

As for a boat’s interior components, additives prevent rust and corrosion from taking a toll on the engine, while antifreeze keeps water lines unobstructed as temperatures decrease.  

Winterization is crucial for a few key reasons, as it: 

  • Protects your investment in your watercraft 
  • Reduces the need for repairs or replacement parts 
  • Extends the lifespan of your boat 

With a winterization kit from, you’ll have everything you need to safeguard your boat in one convenient package.  

What Happens If You Don't Winterize Your Boat? 

Failure to procure the proper boat winterization supplies and take the necessary steps will lead to major damage. Lack of winterization may even put your boat out of commission for good.  

For crafts that are stored outside, covers and tarps for winter preparation protect the exterior of the boat from snow accumulation. Without exterior protection, heavy snow and ice may break fragile components.  

As for boat engines, they can be fortified against defects with fuel additives for winterization. Additives keep fuel stable and prevent the formation of rust, which can destroy engine components over time. When engine damage becomes severe, it may be impossible to repair. Accordingly, proper winterization can save you money on the purchase of a new boat.  

Do I Need to Winterize My Boat Every Year? 

Winterizing a boat should be a yearly occurrence for anyone living in areas prone to cold climates. This includes regions where wintertime temperatures regularly reach 28 degrees or lower, as ultra-low temperatures can significantly harm boat engines. Even if you store your boat indoors during the colder months, it must still be winterized.  

As for when to begin the process, most boaters get started in October to ensure their vessel is prepared for cold weather. No matter when you complete the task, be sure that your boat is fully prepped and ready for storage before the onset of cold weather.  

Find Everything You Need in a Winterization Kit From 

Spare your boat from weather damage this season by winterizing it against the elements. has the crucial supplies you need thanks to our efficient and effective winterization kits. Contact us for more information or take a look at our inventory today.