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Heat Shrink Tape

Heat Shrink Tape

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Marine Heat Shrink Tape 

Find top-quality marine shrink wrap tape to secure shrink wrap to the hull, vents, and doors of your boat, and to repair holes in the shrink wrap. Find tape options that are recommended specifically for the hull, as these adhesives will not leave a residue.  

Storing a boat during the off-season is key to keeping your watercraft in amazing condition to ensure it’s ready for the water next year. Shrink wrap creates a protective cover around the boat and helps protect it from: 

  • Rain 
  • Snow 
  • Animal infestation 
  • Bird droppings 
  • Wind  
  • Excess sun exposure 
  • Mold growth 

To ensure that shrink wrap remains secure around the boat, you must apply marine shrink wrap tape to key areas. Tape is just one of many items you’ll need to preserve your boat during winter storage, and offers a wide selection of high-quality boat parts, accessories, and supplies.  

How to Use Shrink Wrap Tape 

Shrink wrap tape is one of many important winter preparation supplies to prepare your boat for storage. Thanks to its strong adhesive properties, this tape can secure seams between sheets of shrink wrap. It can also be used to affix access doors and vents to different areas of the shrink-wrapped boat.  

Even when you apply shrink wrap to a boat carefully, there’s still a chance that holes can develop in the film. In this case, boat shrink wrap tape can help you repair holes easily to ensure your watercraft is completely protected from the elements.  

Simply apply tape to the hole and rub over it to remove bubbles. Using a heat gun on the tape is also helpful, as heat ensures it will form a strong bond.  

Can You Use Electrical Tape Instead of Shrink Wrap Tape? 

Shrink wrap tape for boats is designed to keep protective covering intact, even when up against inclement weather. As a result, you shouldn’t substitute electrical tape, as it’s unlikely to maintain the same strong hold as specially designed shrink wrap tape.  

When it comes to boat shrink wrap supplies, offers a wide selection of products to ensure you can find everything you need in one place.  

What Else Do I Need to Shrink Wrap My Boat? 

Along with shrink wrap rolls for winter prep and tape, you’ll need a few other important boating supplies to get your vessel ready for winter: 

  • Cord strapping 
  • Strap tensioner tool 
  • Zipper access door 
  • Strap buckles 
  • Vents 

In addition to these supplies, heat guns for boat shrink wrap are another important tool to have in your boat maintenance arsenal. Heat guns make certain the shrink wrap conforms to the unique features of the boat, which is crucial to preventing damage. 

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Whether you’re gearing up for the winter off-season or are storing your boat for a month or so, get all the products you need from Contact us today if you have questions or to see how we can assist you.