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MerCruiser Oil & Filter

MerCruiser Oil & Filter

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NuWave Marine carries MerCruiser oil and filter replacements for every type of MerCruiser engine. Along with engine and bearing grease, these products will keep moving parts lubricated and keep your engine performing like new.

Changing your boat’s oil, and replacing the oil filter when necessary, is key to keeping your boat’s engine healthy. Dirty, low, or poorly circulating oil can lead to friction between engine parts that greatly reduces their lifespans, and may even cause your engine to seize up. Needless to say, it’s not something you want to risk, especially if you’re miles from shore.

MerCruiser Oil

Most companies recommend changing your boat’s oil once a year, or every 100 hours, whichever comes first. Of course, it’s always smart to monitor the level of your oil, since some engines, especially older ones, may burn off oil or have micro leaks. NuWave Marine carries oil by the quart, which is perfect for topping off your reserve, and oil by the gallon, which is great for replacing your boat’s oil completely.

MerCruiser Oil Filter

Your oil filter should be changed whenever it’s dirty or looks like it may become clogged. It’s best to inspect it whenever you change your oil. NuWave Marine carries OEM MerCruiser oil filters, as well as filters from trusted aftermarket manufacturers. Looking for a MerCruiser 3.0 oil filter? We’re stocked up and ready to ship directly to you. Need a MerCruiser 4.3 oil filter? We’ve got that, too. Stock up on the right parts, perform routine maintenance when needed, and prevent a big problem before it starts.

Work With a Trusted Parts Supplier

NuWave Marine has been supplying commercial marine mechanics and boaters with elite-quality MerCruiser parts since the 1980s. We offer MerCruiser oil change systems that make changing your oil easy and fast. If you need any other replacement parts for your MerCruiser I-O or inboard engine, our inventory has got you covered. We ship all orders within 24 hours from the warehouse closest to you, and we have a knowledgeable staff standing by to answer your questions. If you need MerCruiser parts, contact us today.