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New Mercury FourStroke Outboards

New Mercury FourStroke Outboards

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Mercury Four Stroke Outboard Motors 30HP+

Mercury Marine’s range of fourstroke outboard motors are an ideal solution for boats in need of an engine in the 30hp+ range.

Since 1939, Mercury Marine has been one of the leading producers of boat motors and lower units. By designing their engines from the ground up for maritime purposes, Mercury Marine outboard motors come without the compromises or drawbacks that come from adapting an automobile engine.

How fast will Mercury Marine fourstroke outboard motors go?

The question of a boat’s top speed can depend on several different factors outside of the engine, such as the boat hull itself, the propeller, gear choice, trim, and weather, which makes giving a concrete answer difficult. The 75hp Ranger, for instance, can comfortably achieve speeds of 40mph, while the 150hp ProXS outboard has been clocked at 61mph. Most Mercury four stroke outboard engines will fall somewhere between these two extremes.

How to winterize Mercury Marine outboard motors?

Depending on where you live, winterizing your fourstroke outboard motor can be a critical part of protecting its health. To properly prepare for winter months, you will need to drain the oil in the crankcase and lower unit, install new oil and fuel filters, flush the engine with antifreeze, and fog the cylinders with spray-on fogging oils to prevent water from freezing and cracking the cylinders. Done properly, your Mercury four stroke outboard motor should be protected during the cold months.

Which oil filters fit with Mercury outboard motors?

While some boating enthusiasts and mechanics believe that you can use any oil filter on any application, marine or land-based, we believe in the value of using OEM parts. That’s why we recommend using Mercury-manufactured oil filters on Mercury outboard motors. Doing so will ensure that all necessary specifications such as physical dimensions, corrosion protection, and flow rate are compatible.

What batteries are compatible with Mercury outboard motors?

Engines like Mercury Marine fourstroke outboard motors require starter batteries, which deliver high start-up current in a short period of time in order to start the engine. The precise requirements will depend on the engine itself, which is why it is so critical to review your owner’s manual to determine what options are compatible. Like with oil filters, we recommend using OEM components to ensure compatibility and that they are seaworthy.

While there are plenty of shops online for boat parts, few boast the depth of experience that NuWave Marine possesses. We’ve been in this business for nearly forty years, both as a brick-and-mortar physical location and a webstore, and we have the experience to match. From the smallest Mercury outboard tiller motors and Mercury remote outboard motors, to massive triple-digit horsepower engines, we are ready to help you find the solution you need for your boat. Our expert staff are always eager to help find the parts you need, so don’t hesitate to contact us!