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MerCruiser I-O and Inboard Oil

MerCruiser I-O and Inboard Oil

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NuWave Marine carries MerCruiser oil for I-O or sterndrive boats, as well as oil for inboard motors. Like engine bearing grease, clean oil will help keep your engine running like new.

Changing the oil in your boat’s engine is routine maintenance that must be performed regularly to ensure everything runs as it should. At NuWave Marine, we’ve been repairing marine motors for decades, and we’ve seen the damage that dirty or low oil can do. By changing your oil once a year, or once every 100 hours, you can make sure increased heat and friction won’t damage important parts.

MerCruiser 3.0 Oil

Replacing your boat engine oil is a fairly simple job, thanks to NuWave Marine’s MerCruiser oil change systems. Choose the right MerCruiser 3.0 oil type and use one of these helpful kits to drain out the old oil and replace it with new oil. Whenever you replace your oil, it’s smart to check the oil filter, too. Oil filters need to be mostly clean in order to let lubricant flow properly and to keep oil clean. Check out our large selection of MerCruiser oil and filters and find the right oil filter for your model.

MerCruiser 4.3 Oil

NuWave Marine carries MerCruiser oil for 4.3L engines in quart size bottles and gallon jugs. If you’re just topping off your boat’s oil well, a quart will do. If you want to entirely change your oil, you’ll need much more. Don’t let excess friction break down your engine’s moving parts. Extend the life of your engine with clean, high-quality oil. Maintenance may seem like a pain, but it’s nothing compared to having to rebuild an engine.

MerCruiser I-O and Inboard Oil

NuWave Marine is America’s trusted supplier of MerCruiser engine parts. We ship to the entire U.S., and we guarantee that your order will be shipped from the warehouse nearest you within 24 hours of it being placed. Whether you run a boat repair shop or are just working on your own boat, we have the parts and accessories you need to get the job done right. If you have any questions, contact our staff today.