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MerCruiser Ignition System

MerCruiser Ignition System

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MerCruiser Ignition System

MerCruiser is well-known for its cutting-edge ignition systems. Products such as the MerCruiser 3.0 digital electronic ignition system are quickly becoming labeled as the top of their class due to their high-performance capabilities. As a top-rated American MerCruiser dealer, NuWave Marine supplies every customer with a 1-year factory warranty on all MerCruiser ignition systems as well as fuel systems, cooling systems, and water distribution systems. Shop with peace of mind knowing that our support team is here to help before and after purchase to make sure everything goes smoothly with your new engine components.

MerCruiser Thunderbolt Ignition System

Introduced in 1982, the Thunderbolt is an extremely powerful and reliable MerCruiser ignition system that was built to stand the test of time. Unlike other ignition systems, the Thunderbolt does not support the usage of points. Rather, its distributor contains an electronic sensor enabling the Thunderbolt to send a low-voltage pulse to the ignition module whenever a Sensor Wheel tab moves through the sensor gap.

MerCruiser 5.7 Ignition System

Being both fuel efficient and economical, another great choice for many boat lovers is the MerCruiser 5.7 ignition system. These types of engines tend to produce significantly more power and torque than their counterparts. The ergonomic design of the MerCruiser 5.7 allows the boat to smoothly cut through the water with ease. From starter motors to spark plug ignition wires, we’ve got every part you need to get your baby back on the water.

Questions? We’re Happy to Assist

Here at NuWave Marine, we know how important it is for boat owners to keep their prized possessions in the best shape possible. That’s why we leverage our experience and knowledge to help you find the right products at fair prices. Have a question about our serpentine belts, electronic ignition conversion kit for MerCruiser, or any of our other MerCruiser engine parts? Our team of highly specialized support representatives are happy to assist you and ensure you walk away from your purchase with 100% satisfaction.