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MerCruiser Alpha Gen 2 Outdrive (1992+)

MerCruiser Alpha Gen 2 Outdrive (1992+)

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The MerCruiser Alpha Gen 2 outdrive delivers power and reliable performance in a value package. Used for single and twin-engine applications, it’s known for its fuel economy and hydrodynamic efficiency, generating very little drag. The Alpha Gen 2 sterndrive is compatible with boats that reach up to 65 mph and 300hp for gas engines (up to 150 HP for diesel engines).

With spiral-cut steel gears, the engine produces little to no sound. It also has low copper alloys for rust resistance, while armored trim lines protect the hydraulic system from debris. Many maintenance-free features mean you get to enjoy your ownership experience with minimal maintenance and downtime.

At NuWave Marine, we offer competitive Alpha One Mercruiser prices with a 1-year OEM factory warranty against any defect. Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 2 Propeller is sold separately.

MerCruiser Alpha One Gen 2 Features

Top features of the MerCruiser Alpha One Gen 2 include:

  • Longer-lasting cooling and water pumps compared to gen 1.
  • Gear lube monitor bottle.
  • Trim ram mount sits a few inches from the rear and attached with an e-clip.
  • Anode kits that act as a corrosion-resistant barrier.
  • Wide range of compatible blade propellers available in aluminum or stainless steel to maximize pulling power.

As with the Mercruiser Alpha Gen 1, the Gen 2 is designed for maximum responsiveness and reduced drag, making slicing through the water almost effortless.

Alpha One MerCruiser Engine

NuMarine offers the full range of Mercruiser Alpha One engines. We have been a longtime distributor of affordable and durable boat engines and parts. We’re a widely recognized Mercury dealer and always offer our customers an unforgettable buyer experience. Be sure to reach out and see how we can help you select the right components for your needs and budget.