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496-8.1 Exhaust Parts

496-8.1 Exhaust Parts

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MerCruiser 496-8.1 Exhaust Parts

At NuWave Marine, we carry the components you need to totally replace your exhaust system, including MerCruiser 496-8.1 exhaust parts. A well-maintained exhaust will efficiently vent and cool gas from the engine while preventing water from seeping into areas where it might cause damage. Because of this, it’s essential to inspect your MerCruiser exhaust every year and replace it every 5 years - though freshwater applications may have a longer lifespan.

MerCruiser 8.1 Exhaust Manifold

For 496-8.1 engines, the exhaust manifold does a lot of heavy lifting. This part is responsible for collecting gasses from the cylinders and passing them along to the rest of the system. MerCruiser OEM exhaust kits feature manifolds, risers, and the bolts and gaskets you need to make sure they’re firmly attached and that no water slips through the cracks. MerCruiser exhaust flappers are an added layer of protection to make sure that water doesn’t backflow into your engine.

MerCruiser 496 Exhaust

The 496-8.1 is a big, powerful engine, and it’s no secret that it makes a lot of exhaust. Your MerCruiser exhaust manifold deals with a lot of stress and heat, as do the other parts of your engine. At NuWave Marine, we've seen MerCruiser motors that are properly maintained perform for decades, and we’ve seen failed exhaust parts completely ruin motors. The difference between the two is the care that you put into inspection, and the quality of the replacement parts you use.

We Only Carry Premium Parts

From simple parts like bolts and gaskets to MerCruiser thru transom fittings, NuWave Marine only stocks OEM and premium aftermarket parts. Whether you have a MerCruiser 2100 EC exhaust or other engine, we have the quality parts you need. Put simply, if we wouldn’t use it in our boat, we wouldn’t sell it to you. If you have any questions about the parts that you need to perform maintenance on your boat, please contact us today.