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Trim Tab Replacement Parts & Hardware 

When it comes to reliable trim tab parts, Power Boat Supply has just what you’re looking for and more. Our customers can find trim tab pumps, control panels, and other essential replacement items.  

If you’re an avid boater, you know the many benefits that trim tabs offer. You also know how important quality is when it comes to parts and accessories, and you can rest assured that our inventory features the superior parts you demand. Count on us for the following trim tab components: 

  • Mounting brackets 
  • Hatch lifts 
  • Relay modules 
  • Solenoid valves 
  • Keypad wire extensions 
  • Actuator extension harnesses 
  • Hinge pins 

If you’re not sure what component you need or whether your current hardware is sufficient, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff. We’ll use our many years of experience to point you in the right direction and ensure you make the best selection for your boating needs.  

What Trim Tab Parts May Need Replacing? 

Like other boating components, trim tabs are subject to repeated wear and tear as you operate your watercraft. Over time, this wear and tear will break down parts, which can be replaced with new versions to ensure smooth operations.  

While top manufacturers design trim tabs to be robust and durable, you may need to replace the following parts at some point:  


Trim tab replacement planes are flat, thin pieces of metal that lower into the water. Planes are often made from stainless steel and are situated on the transom. While planes were raised and lowered via hydraulics in the past, most are electronically controlled these days.  

Stainless steel trim tabs typically have an extensive life expectancy due to the robustness of the material. However, stainless steel can fall victim to issues over time, including oxidation. Corrosion can result from constant contact with water, but it can also develop due to chemical exposure.  

Should this or other defects impact trim tab planes, they should be replaced immediately.  

Control Panels  

Stainless steel planes usually require trim tab indicator gauges and control panels to function. These parts allow boat operators to adjust the position of trim tab planes, which makes them a vital aspect of the system.  

Wires and other elements often wear down over time, especially when regularly exposed to corrosive seawater. In this case, replacement parts ensure that trim tabs can be operated efficiently when needed to correct performance issues on the water.  


Sometimes referred to as a ram, trim tab actuators connect to planes and help raise and lower them. Actuators can be powered electronically or hydraulically, although some versions utilize both systems.  

Because actuators are constantly in motion, replacements are quite common after so much use. Fortunately, new actuators can restore the function that boaters have come to expect from their trim tabs.  

While Power Boat Supply customers love the expansive selection of boating equipment we carry, you can also rest easy knowing that we stock items from the most trusted brands in the business. This includes Bennett trim tab parts, which ensure that your trim tab system continues to offer dependable function after performing essential repairs and maintenance.  

Do Trim Tabs Really Help? 

Trim tab kits may not be required like other boating components, such as the propeller or helm. However, that doesn't mean these accessories aren’t highly useful. The majority of boaters will notice improved function and operation after installing trim tabs, which offer the following impressive benefits: 

  • Alleviate Issues With Weight Distribution – When passengers and cargo are aboard your watercraft, you’re more likely to experience listing as you navigate through the water. Trim tabs alleviate these problems to ensure a straight and narrow path.  
  • Avoid Visibility Concerns – It’s challenging for boat operators to see over the bow when the vessel fails to get on plane efficiently. With the right trim tab hardware, a boat can get on plane immediately to help the operator enjoy an unobstructed view.  
  • Prevent Bothersome Porpoising – Porpoising occurs when a boat rhythmically bounces on the surface of the water. Along with being uncomfortable, porpoising can also lead to lost cargo and even injuries in some cases. Trim tabs help boaters avoid porpoising for a smoother, safer ride.  

Trim tabs are compatible with all types of boats and boating conditions. They come in a range of sizes to accommodate as many vessels as possible. And because they’re relatively low maintenance, you’re bound to get years of dependable usage out of this valuable accessory.  

Visit Power Boat Supply for Trim Tab Parts and Kits 

Whether you’re seeking brand-new trim tabs or simply need replacement Lenco trim tab parts, Power Boat Supply can help you find just what you’re looking for. Check out our inventory today to see the full selection of trim tabs and essential components to enhance your boating experience.