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New Mercury 15HP Tiller Outboards

New Mercury 15HP Tiller Outboards

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15 Horsepower Mercury Tiller Outboard Motors 

Powered by over eight decades of experience, Mercury Marine is a trusted name when it comes to boat motors and other components. The Mercury Marine 15 hp tiller outboard is no exception, as this motor has a reputation for being compact yet powerful, making it a great selection for medium to large-sized vessels.  

Thanks to the Electronic Fuel Injection engine, you can expect enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced wear. While the motor comes equipped with an electric starter for your convenience, the manual back-up offers another reliable option. Equally convenient is the tiller design, which is suited to both left-hand and right-hand operation.  

These motors provide essential operator alerts that warn of overheating and low oil pressure, which means you can take fast action to remedy any issues. And when it comes to routine maintenance, you’ll love the freshwater flushing attachment and ultra-convenient oil change process.  

Along with the Mercury 15 tiller outboard, NuWave Marine also features a wide selection of Mercury portable tiller motors 2.5-25hp depending on your horsepower needs.  

How heavy is a 15hp Mercury tiller outboard? 

Weight is an important consideration when choosing a new outboard. When motors are too heavy, they can prevent the vessel from reaching top speeds, even with a sufficient amount of horsepower.  

That’s why the Mercury Marine 15 horsepower outboard comes in several weight options, which ensures there’s something suited to every boat: 

  • 15” shaft (MH) – 103 pounds 
  • 20” shaft (MLH) – 107 pounds 
  • 15” shaft (EH) – 111 pounds 
  • 20” shaft (ELH) – 114 pounds  
  • 20” shaft (ELHPT-CT-PK) – 130 pounds 
  • 25” shaft (EXLHPT-CT-PK) – 135 pounds 

Keep in mind that even the weightier options are designed to be streamlined and compact. These outboards are also highly portable, which limits the level of exertion necessary to enjoy a fun and thrilling day on the water.  

How many hours will a Mercury 15 hp outboard last? 

While the quality design of Mercury outboard motors means extended operation is a given, there are some factors that determine how many hours the motor will last.  

Routine maintenance, such as flushing the engine and refilling oil at regular intervals, ensures you get the most out of your motor. Other factors like engine usage, standard load weight, and service scheduling also play a role in longevity.  

With these factors in mind, a Mercury Marine 15 tiller outboard motor typically provides an average of 3,000 to 4,000 hours of fun and excitement on the water. However, it’s not uncommon for these motors to offer excellent operation for up to 12,000 plus hours in some cases.  

How fast does a Mercury 15hp tiller outboard go? 

Mercury’s 15 hp tiller outboard boat motor has a reputation for its get-up-and-go thanks to its rapid acceleration and a lightning-fast throttle response. As for top speeds, your experience can vary based on how much equipment you’re carrying and the quality of the conditions you’re boating in, as choppier waters can slow you down a knot or two.  

Generally, one unit of horsepower can facilitate speeds ranging from .2 to 2 mph. That means 15 hp could generate as much as 30 mph. However, typical speeds are usually closer to 20 to 22 mph when you add in equipment and occupant weight.  

NuWave Marine Offers Mercury Marine Outboards and More  

Whether you’re in the market for tiller-operated or portable remote motors 2.5-25hp, you’re bound to be impressed by NuWave Marine’s extensive selection. And if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our highly skilled staff can help you find the best component. Get in touch with one of our experienced sales professionals today to discuss your boating equipment needs.