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New Mercury 9.9HP Tiller Outboards

New Mercury 9.9HP Tiller Outboards

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9.9 Horsepower Mercury Tiller Outboard Motors  

When seeking a portable motor that still offers plenty of get-up-and-go, the Mercury Marine 9.9 hp tiller outboard is a great option. Ideal for providing supplemental power to sailboats, as well as being well suited to skiffs and Jon boats, this motor packs a lot into a streamlined package.  

With its compact design comes enhanced fuel efficiency, which limits your environmental impact while also saving money on fuel costs. Expect a calming and serene trip through the water thanks to exceptionally quiet operation. Other key features include: 

  • Multifunction tiller handle 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Over-rev protection 
  • Standard manual recoil
  • Auto-ratchet system
  • Carbureted ignition 

This outboard is one of many dependable Mercury portable tiller motors 2.5-25hp currently available from NuWave Marine, along with a range of other essential boating supplies and equipment.  

How much does a 9.9 hp Mercury tiller outboard weigh? 

When it comes to portability, the Mercury Marine 9.9 horsepower tiller outboard can easily be transported to and from your fishing vessel with ease. Customers can choose from a selection of models with varying dry weights: 

  • 9.9MH/MLH (15” shaft/20” shaft) – 84 pounds 
  • 9.9MXLH (25" shaft) – 89 pounds 
  • 9.9ELH (20" shaft) – 93 pounds 
  • 9.9EH (15" shaft) – 95 pounds 
  • 9.9MLH-CT (20" shaft) – 96 pounds
  • 9.9ELH-CT (20" shaft) – 103 pounds
  • 9.9EXLH-CT (25" shaft) – 106 pounds
  • 9.9ELHPT-CT-PK-EFI (20" shaft) – 124 pounds
  • 9.9EXLHPT-CT-PK-EFI (25" shaft) – 130 pounds 

Even the more substantial options are much lighter than comparable 4-stroke motors, which will make hauling your outboard a breeze.  

What is the fuel mixture for Mercury 9.9 hp outboard? 

Striking the right balance between oil and fuel in your Mercury Marine 9.9 tiller outboard is vital for good maintenance and the longevity of your motor. When an excess of oil is used, it can damage components like pistons and spark plugs by generating too much exhaust. On the other hand, not using enough oil can result in an engine that's not properly lubricated.  

You can avoid issues with portable remote motors 2.5-25hp by using the manufacturer's recommended ratio of 50:1 fuel/oil (meaning 50 parts fuel to every 1 part oil you use).  

How fast does a Mercury 9.9 hp go? 

There are lots of factors that can dictate the top speed of a boat beyond the performance capabilities of the motor. For example, running through choppy waters will naturally decrease speeds, regardless of what type of motor you're using. Similarly, the design of the boat and the weight it carries can also play a role in how fast you travel.  

With these factors in mind, 9.9 hp outboard boat motors can reach impressive speeds despite their compact size. In some situations, this outboard can reach a top speed of 15 mph. Other tests have maxed out at 24 mph, albeit with highly favorable conditions.  

While your experience may vary, this outboard is ideal for boaters seeking easy transportability combined with swiftness.  

Shop NuWave Marine today for Mercury outboard motors 

Along with our comprehensive selection of Mercury outboard motors, NuWave Marine also carries a range of other top-level boating equipment and replacement parts. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our Mercury products and why they're so respected within the boating industry.